Thursday, March 06, 2008

Look at my big boy!

How to ensure good dental health? Put a stool in front of the sink. Henry is going to wear the enamel off of his teeth with all of the times he wants to brush now.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Scenes from our day

I wish I could carry around a video camera during the day, Henry does so many goofy things. Here are some things that he has been up to lately:

*He took a two and a half hour nap yesterday morning after the park and then I took him again in the afternoon. He ran so hard that he slept for almost three hours when we got home. He was doing laps with his baby stroller, chasing pigeons, stomping in puddles, blow raspberries at the old ladies...He is like a good-natured Dennis the Menace.

*He is a little nutball at school. He won't participate in any activities in the normal manner. Some examples for your enjoyment:

He was excited about the art project (hat making) and ran over to the table. But really he was only interested in capping and uncapping the markers. His hat was pretty minimalistic because he refused to stamp anything on it.
He likes to hang out in the hallway near the coat cubbies for a good portion of the class. He enjoys rooting through the diaper bag looking for his pacifier, helping himself to his snack early and taking sips of his milk. He perches himself on the little cubby bottom like he is sitting on a park bench. He also tries to make a break for it every so often. His little friend Jocelyn usually follows him out there. I call them Fonzi and Pinky Tuscadero from "Happy Days."
Today he insisted in standing directly in front of the teacher while she was singing. Dead still and refused to shake his eggs. Just stood there and stared at her.
All of the other kids used to eat their snacks on the rug while the teacher read a story. Henry always refused to sit on the rug, he prefers to eat his snack at the table. Now all of the kids sit at the table and the teacher has moved there too. He is very sweet about sharing his snacks, Jocelyn is always very interested in what he is eating. Today I witnessed him trying to spoon cottage cheese into her mouth!
*He took off his shirt in the middle of our playgroup today and strutted around bare chested like a teenage boy on steroids. He thought he was hot stuff.
*I had a memory foam pad on the floor today and he spent a good amount of time pretending to jump. His feet never left the floor but he was swinging his arms over his head like a real Olympian.
*For some reason he refused to take out the garbage today. He stood in the hallway screaming "No No No!" I shudder to think what he threw in there that got him so upset. Need to look for my wallet and cell phone!
*He was trying to kiss his friend Ezra on the mouth today. I kindly suggested that he try hugging him since Ezra looked a little alarmed at receiving an open mouthed kiss from Henry. It went over so well that he tried it again later. He wound up knocking him over and they landed in a pile on the floor. Injuries were incurred and Henry learned a tough lesson that love sometimes hurts!