Thursday, August 28, 2008

Catching Up

Sorry for the long hiatus since my last post. Since we last spoke lots has happened.

We went on our Second Annual Schnell Family vacation to Montauk in the beginning of August. We stayed at The Surf Club, the same place we did last year. We had a wonderful time, barring the fact that Henry had a very high fever and was just not himself the first few days. Our poor little guy who is normally such a flexible traveler had such a hard time. He was clearly uncomfortable but wouldn't take his medicine. He also wouldn't sleep in his bed so we spent the entire week getting jammed in the solar plexus by his tiny but very strong foot.

Vacations certainly have a different flavor than they did in the past. The schedule is dictated by meals and naps, and the whims of a very tiny dictator. One day he might love the sand and water, the next day forget about it. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason.

We have also just come out of another phase of fairly bad separation anxiety. In mid-July, we had to leave Henry out at my brother's house while we went to a wedding. Although we came back that night, we have never actually left him somewhere before. The very few times he has had a sitter has been at our house.

To say that he took it hard was an understatement. Kevin and Julie said he was fairly inconsolable for almost an hour after we left. After that he just sulked on the couch. Once they left to do some activities he cheered up, but the aftermath has been unpleasant. Until just this past week, he has been terrified of us leaving. Poor Adam was having to leave for work with Henry going into absolute hysterics. He has not really wanted to play with his friends, either at our house or theirs. When I would bring him to the park he would beg to go home or just refuse to get off my lap. It was so sad to witness, it is almost like he was going through a little life crisis. He seems to be coming out of it, but he is still not totally back to normal.

He is so much more little boy now than he was. He can put on his own shoes, wants to help dress himself, is very interested in the toilet and loves to play with little cars and trains. He is learning new words every day and is just growing up before our eyes every day. He also has such a good sense of humor and is a lot of fun to be around.