Thursday, March 11, 2010

Nurse Molly

Yesterday morning Molly had her 15 month appt. Of course by last evening she was a crabby mess and sporting a fever. I took her rectal temperature in the evening while changing her diaper. She was crying, I was home alone and I had fried chicken on the stove so I didn't wash the thermometer right away (ick I know) , I just left it on my nightstand.

Fast forward to this morning. Molly climbed out of our bed very early and we were watching her with one eye half cracked while she walked around our room. I woke up pretty quickly when I felt the vaseline on my lips as she was putting the dirty thermometer in my mouth. Is it possible to boil your mouth?

She is a handful for sure!

The Politician

I think Henry has a future in politics.

At our school this week, one of the moms was handing out snacks to the kids. She handed them all cheese sticks and turned to me and the other moms with babies asking if we wanted them for Molly etc. She only had two left so we were going to break them up to share.Henry pipes up in his sweetest most innocent voice. "Mommy, do you want my cheese stick? You can break it up and give it to all of the babies." The other moms started swooning..."Oh Henry, that is so sweet!" I thanked him of course but I was slightly suspicious of his motives. I took him to the bathroom a few minutes later and told him how nice he was and that was very good what he did. He laughed and said "No, it was very bad!" He admitted that he just didn't actually want the cheese stick and didn't want to hold it anymore . I have to admit, I love his methods! A 3 year old trying to play a bunch of 30 somethings

Professor Henry

Henry has taken his role of big brother very seriously. For the most part, he is a big help and sounds the first alert when she is into something she shouldn't be. Which is often. Here are a few recent times when his lessons have gone haywire.

I left him with paper and watercolors on the coffee table recently while I was cooking dinner. He has always been extremely careful and doesn't make a mess. I came into check on them and Molly had painted the bottoms of her feet, much to Henry's delight.

I came into the bedroom recently and asked him what they were doing. He told me he was teaching her to pick her nose.

Henry is always giving Molly little pep talks. A few nights ago, he had to hop out of the tub to take care of some "business." He was chattering away, here is an excerpt from the conversation."Don't worry Molly, I am going to come back into the tub to play with you after I finish making poopy. When you are a big girl you will make pee pee and poopy on the toilet like me. When you grow up to be a big girl you will get a penis and you won't have a bagina anymore!"