Saturday, June 27, 2009

Diaper Free!

Henry, not me!

Henry is ending his first week in underwear. It is going shockingly well; he is very committed to the cause. He is wearing pull ups at night but he has gotten up at night to use the bathroom on his own and is waking at the crack of dawn. Let's hope his little bladder grows soon for sleep's sake.

I was dreamily thinking the other day..."Ahh, we are DONE with diapers!" And then I remembered my little diaper wearing six month old will probably be using them for another two years. These children really have impaired my mental faculties.

Friday, June 19, 2009

My Prescription

Everyone needs a two and a half year old in their life and they would feel a lot better.

Despite the imfamous challenges, I think it is a pretty magical age. One unintended benefit is that they keep you very active. Go Go Go should be Henry's middle name. I always joke that I should be much skinnier. I put the blame squarely on his shoulders; he is always encouraging me to stop at Starbucks when we pass. "Mommy need coffee?"

They speak well enough to make their needs (ahem very) well known and to even inject a little humor. I know I am biased, but Henry is pretty hilarious. Yesterday he put his toy stethoscope up to Molly's chest when I was changing her, listened for a minute and then said "Thanks Dr. Henry!" He then collapsed into a fit of giggles and said he needed to "Call Dr. Lew" (Dr. Lewis, his pediatrician) to tell her his joke. He loves to ask me if I need a stick of gum after I use the bathroom (his potty training reward).

They put a magnifying glass onto your best and worst qualities as a person. I beam with pride when I hear Henry talk to Molly. He tells her he loves her, and that it will "be OK, Henry and Mommy are here" when she cries. He is always telling me "Mommy, be very careful." I am mortified to hear him say "Molly stop!" when she is crying with impatience about something.

They are so positive about everything. He says "Mommy, yum yum!" about his food. Every time we walk to the park he says "Mommy, it's a beautiful day!" even if it is cloudy. He declares everything as "Perfect!"

Yesterday I took him to the Museum of Natural History since our cooperative playgroup was cancelled. He was so good; he listened really well and we had a lot of fun. He ran from exhibit to exhibit say "Wow!" and "Mommy what's that?" When I asked him what his favorite part of the day was he told me "the quiche!" He was hungry so we stopped in the little cafe. Since it was a very limited menu I was forced to get him a $10 slice of quiche. Thank goodness he ate it huh?

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Happy Half Birthday Molly!

Wow, Molly turned six months old today! Shocking, isn't it?
She is such a wonderful little baby; she is so happy and literally never cries. Everyone we know comments on how sweet she is. She is quick with a smile, lets all of Henry's friends hold her without complaint. When she is tired she stuffs her chubby little thumb into her mouth to let us know, we lay her down on her side and she puts herself to sleep.
She popped two bottom teeth recently, ending her teething drama. Even through that she rarely complained. She is content being schlepped too and fro, as long as she is being carried. She lets out a mighty protest as the indignity of riding in the stroller. My favorite times of day with her are when she first wakes in the morning and when Henry is taking his nap. We lay in my bed facing each other and she talks in her little baby language, blows raspberries at me and lets me squeeze her and smother her with kisses to my heart's content.

We had a great day today celebrating her six month milestone. Henry and I baked her a cake yesterday which I decorated last night. We bought her two balloons (a cupcake and Elmo balloon, picked specially for her by her brother) and invited two of Henry's friends over for a little party. One of Henry's friends has a baby brother so that counted as Molly's guest. We all made paper hats and had a fun time singing to Molly and eating cake. She was a little alarmed by all of the festivities but gamely grabbed the cake like the party girl she is.
We love you Molly!