Thursday, December 09, 2010

Happy Second Birthday Molly!

Dear Molly,

Today was your second birthday. We had a lot of fun. Daddy took the day off and we all went out to a diner for breakfast and then to the Children's Museum of New Jersey. Henry even skipped school on your behalf.

When we got home your best friend Roen came over to check out your new dollhouse. We blew out the candles on your Dora cake early so that Roen and her brother could take some home and then we had our traditional birthday dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. We had to postpone your birthday party with your friends on Wednesday because you had a fever. I will reschedule it for next week; it is going to be a tea party theme complete with tutus, princess hats, a butterfly pinata and lots of pink cupcakes (your only birthday request).

You are such a special little girl. Not only are you as cute as a button but you are just as sweet inside. You smother me with hugs and kisses all day long. You are quick to tell people that you love them or ask what is the matter when they are sad. You are incredibly smart and love to make jokes. Your favorite game is "I Spy" and you actually play it correctly.

You are mischievous and make me wish I had eyes in the back of my head. Yesterday I found a harmonica in my purse and saw you stuffing my house keys into Henry's backpack. I am constantly catching you jumping on the couch or on your bed and you are always running around naked. For some crazy reason your daddy lets you chew gum. Now that you have stopped swallowing it, I am always finding it around the house. You know and I know that your know where the garbage can is! When you are being naughty you cannot be threatened with punishment and you are always calling my bluff. When you don't get what you want it is amazing how long and loud such a tiny package can scream.

You have not inherited my affinity for white T shirts. You insist on wearing pink or purple on top every day. You even suggested yesterday that I should wear a pink shirt as well. You refuse to wear dresses and when you opened your grandma's birthday gift you actually said "Oh no, another one?" Your verbal abilities astound your father and me. Your vocabulary is enormous and your diction is crystal clear. There are times when living with a small child that parents like to pretend that we don't understand you. You have made that impossible! Recently your dad went to lay down with you in your bed when your preference is mommy. You whispered sweetly "Daddy, I love you. Now I want you to get out of my bed."

I look at you and I cannot remember a time when you were not here. In my wildest dreams, I could not imagine having a daughter as wonderful as you. We love you sweet girl!