Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Henry!

Dear Henry,

Yesterday was your fourth birthday. We had a great day. We took an overnight family trip to Great Wolf Lodge in Pennsylvania. You wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese, but I promised you this would be a lot more fun. I'm sure that you agree with us now!

It was the perfect place to bring you because you love the water, you are becoming a great swimmer and you are a real daredevil. You are finally tall enough to go on most of the big kid slides and we knew you would have "a blast!" (That is one of your favorite descriptions of things). We loved going on all of the crazy slides with you. You even had to reassure me on one of the last ones that "It's not scary Mommy!" as I was screaming my head off.

Even your little sister Molly had fun. We were worried there wouldn't be enough for her to do but she is as adventurous as her big brother. We would send her down one of the smaller slides by herself which she loved. You insisted on waiting for her at the bottom each time and helped catch her. Each and every time you gave her a hug and said "Oh Molly, you are such a big girl! You were so brave, I am so proud of you!" I get teary just thinking of it. You are such an incredible brother. I always catch you trying to hold her hand in the car, putting your arm around her to help her up the stairs or rubbing her back. I don't think a brother and sister could be closer.

You started preschool last month. I admit we were very worried that you wouldn't like it because you have had a hard time being away from us in the past. Although you were very scared as first I think you were ready for it. It took a few days, but now you march into the class like you have been going to school your entire life. It makes me so proud to see how sweet you are, how hard you are working to learn and that you are such a good boy. I can tell the teachers love you and your enthusiasm.

I made cupcakes for your class. It was something I have always looked forward to doing as a mom. Although I think you were a bit embarrassed by the attention, it was fun. You insisted that I bring Molly back to your school for the party and that she sit next to you at the little table. You also wanted her to stay for story time because you know how much she wants to go to school now too. Afterward you thanked me for making the cupcakes and said it was the best frosting you had ever had. I kept catching you and Molly dipping your fingers into the extra cake in the kitchen. You told me you couldn't stop yourself. You said that you would have some frosting and your stomach would tell you to get some more. I have to tell you, I totally get that! You are definitely my son!

You have grown so much this year. You are forty two inches tall and weigh thirty five pounds. You have your own style and insist on picking out your clothing at the store. Right now your favorite thing to wear is sweatpants and short sleeved shirts. I'm sure your teacher thinks I am crazy but there are so many things that are decided for you that I cut you some slack in this area. Grandma thinks I should teach you that you need to dress up for school but I respectfully disagree. You will have your whole life to be serious and uncomfortable in your clothes. I wanted to let you have some fun while you still can!

Right now it seems like you are struggling with your need to be independent and still be my little boy. I guess we both are. I am sorry if I am too hard on you sometimes. You have boyish energy seeping out of every pore all day long. I try to find a balance between letting you be the crazy four year old boy that you are and teaching you to be a polite, functioning member of society. It is a hard thing to do and I'm sorry if I don't always get it right. When I see you out and about you always make me so proud.

Henry, your Dad, Molly and I all love you so much. We love you for your sense of humor, your giving nature, and your enthusiasm. You are so much fun to be around. Happy Birthday to our sweet boy!