Sunday, July 26, 2009

Adventures at Naptime

I will be the first to admit that having two children share a bedroom in a small apartment is not much fun. Henry and Molly love it, me not so much. One issue is that someone is always sleeping. Molly takes three naps a day and Henry takes a long afternoon nap. Their naps do not really overlap (oh the horror!) and then bedtime comes pretty early. It is hard to get clothing put away, clean the room or just play in there.

The bigger issue is that Henry is constantly waking Molly up. The poor girl cannot get a good nap because he is so noisy. The hallway to the bathoom runs right next to her crib and he is always dashing down the hallway screaming "Pee pee coming out! Now!" If not that he is kicking a ball down there or coming to look for me screaming "Ma! Where are you?" at the top of his lungs. Even when he is trying to be quiet he isn't. He walks into the room to take his nap whispering "Tip-toe, tip-toe" in a very loud stage whisper.

He knows he has me backed into a corner because if I yell at him I wind up waking her up myself. He takes advantage of this to the full extent doing all sorts of hijinx as he is getting into his bed. He blows me kisses, blows Molly kisses, makes a big production of getting settled into his bed, he talks to himself or sings...It is all I can do not to blow my top.

Recently, he told me that Molly woke up because of the air conditioner, which he calls the wind. He told me "The wind woke Molly up. It blew her up in the air and she was flying around!" Pretty clever but I still wanted to strangle him :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

This child will eat anything!

Henry never put anything into his mouth. Molly, on the other hand puts everything into her mouth. I am constantly fishing things out that she has eaten. I realized I had missed some snacking last week when I fished a dried leaf out of her diaper. Gross.

On the Move!

Not only is Molly adorable, she is also thoughtful AND forward-thinking. She waited until the exact hour that Grandma arrived to start crawling. She has been army-crawling, scooching and contorting herself into all different positions for weeks now, but no traditional crawling. As soon as my mom walked in and sat down she busted a move on the floor. Of course this made Grandma extremely happy.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Henry Funnies

I wish I remembered to write down all of the funny stuff Henry says on an average day. Here are some recent ones:

He doesn't really like to give hugs and kisses anymore, it is so sad. If we force him, he gets all goofy and tries to lick us. We must have said we want a kiss, we don't want you to lick us or used the word tongue a lot because now he tells us he wants to "tongue kiss." Can you believe that?

We were at the park recently and Henry didn't have his swim shirt on in the sprinkler area. His little friend reached over and goosed his nipple. When we got home I said "Henry, it was not right that Yuxin pinched your nipple." He looked at me and said "Henry needs to wear a shirt!" Pretty funny.

He now knows all about calling my bluff. I recently told him that if he didn't take his nap his friend Gus could not come over for dinner. He said "OK, you need to call Gus's mommy." to let her know that we were cancelling.

We were in the park recently and Henry was riding in the stroller. I heard Henry pipe up "Mommy you need to say hi to that lady." It was another mother pushing a stroller towards us. Apparently I am a little chatty on our rounds

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Me and My Girl

This one is older, but cute. Whenever I am holding Molly in the bathroom I always catch her smiling at me in the mirror. I tried to catch it on film one day

Photo Catch Up

I have been remiss in posting photos lately. As soon as the monsters I mean children go to bed I crash on the couch with a dazed look in my eyes. There aren't many good ones of Henry because he either 1) Makes a goofy face 2) Runs away 3) Is half naked or in his underwear. Potty training has turned him into a frat boy.

This is what naptime looks like when two siblings share a room. There should be a picture of me with smoke coming out of my ears right after but I digress.

Here is one that shows Molly's changing hair color. It looks like her hair is falling out but it is really growing in blond. She is sitting in the pillow fortress created for her by Henry so that she didn't get hurt. Of course he didn't include himself and his flailing limbs in the "Risks to Molly" Category.
Henry giving his new wheels a spin in the apartment. We have ditched the tricycle and are bypassing training wheels by using a balance bike. It has no pedals and the child pushes with their feet and coasts. It is made of wood to be lightweight and not injure them if they fall. This one is called the Skuut and it is pretty cool to see a kid this young riding a bike

This one of Henry isn't that clear but it is one of the better ones.

This is our first beach trip of the season and Molly's first trip to the beach

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I promise to post new pictures soon before Grandma (a.k.a. Laaahma) sends the goon squad after me. Here are the recent happenings:

  • Molly is fully up on her hands and knees now and rocking back and forth. I anticipate her becoming a crawler very shortly. This should be interesting babyproofing this time since we now need to take all of Henry's toys into consideration. Her current M.O. is "If it is not a toy, I will shove it into my mouth."
  • Molly hates babyfood with a passion. Cereal, purees, you name it. She gags and purses her lips together. She swats at the spoon. She does however, want to gnaw on pizza crust, corn on the cob, Baby Mum Mums, Fruity Cheerios...really healthy. At this point, Henry was eating homemade organic food. Molly is stuffing bachelor food down her little gut. I even let her hold a french fry recently to keep her quiet. Ah, the shame.
  • I decided to give pastina (little star shaped pasta) a whirl just to see what she would do. I covered it in butter and she inhaled an entire bowl. Apparently she just wants real food. Not that I blame her.