Sunday, January 23, 2011

Molly, May I?

Molly is going through shall we say, a difficult phase. Her request for a snack this morning was a fine example:

Around 11:30am, she looked at me and said "I want a yogurt. A cherry yogurt. No, a strawberry yogurt." I sweetly replied, "OK, go ask Daddy, he is in the kitchen." "No, I want to go to the kitchen with you. Carry me." I hoisted her up. "No, I want to WALK!" OK, fine. Put her down. Get to kitchen. "Open the refrigerator" she demanded.

The yogurts were packed in two sleeves so I began to unpack them for her perusal. "We have blueberry and cherry. Which one do you want? " "Cherry." I grabbed the yogurt and went to the drawer to get her a spoon. All of the teaspoons were in the dishwasher so I grabbed her a plastic one. I carried Princess Molly to her throne near the couch, placed the yogurt down and waited for my next instruction (of course, there always another one.)

She starts to lather up. Uh oh. "I wanted to get it out. I wanted to get it ouuuuuut." Huh? From the refrigerator? And you tell me now? I ignored her because frankly she pulls these little stunts about 100 times per day. I opened the yogurt and put it on the table. I was not bold enough to stir in the fruit because the little lady definitely does not like that. Made that mistake before. She will do it. Maybe after she dips her fingers in it a few times to taste it or rub it on the couch or she and Henry like to dip their fingers into the little fruit well and put it on like makeup. But whatever. I have learned the hard way that you cannot unstir the yogurt.

She proceeds to wail for a good bit. I have not eaten breakfast yet so I decide to sit down and eat the yogurt. Having seen this act before that yogurt is not going to get touched any time soon. I finally pick her up, put her in her room and tell her that when she wants to stop screaming she can come out. I finish my yogurt and bring it into the kitchen. Adam inquires as to what she is screaming about (this time). I explain that she didn't want me to get the yogurt from the refrigerator, she wanted to get it. He starts to go on that it is her naptime and why didn't I just carry her back in, put the lid back on, open the refrigerator and let her go through the process of getting it herself. Um, yeah this method would work if we want to raise a little sociopath :) or if she didn't do this type of thing so often. Or if I had any confidence she would pick the opened yogurt and that we wouldn't be throwing $2 down the drain.

Anywho, he decides to go in to talk to his little angel. I think she may have hurled Strawberry Shortcake at him but I can't be sure. I give her a minute until she starts screaming "I want Mommy" knowing that the storm will soon be passing. I go in, sit on her bed and do a quick assessment to see if I can pick her up without her pummeling her little fists into me. She looked somewhat sane and we sat together for a few minutes.

I brought her out to the living room and of course she now wanted the yogurt. The cherry one. You know of course that was the last one. Through some miracle I convince her to eat the blueberry one and Adam hands her a plastic spoon. "Noooo, I want the other one. The regular one!" I just left the room because there is only so much I can take of this in one day.