Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Any opinions on this bedding?

Since I seem to be being forced into the gender neutral category by a certain obstinate fellow..., what do you guys think of this bedding? I know Captain Ahab will like it. Ignore the ugly room in the picture.

OK, so maybe this was a little manipulative...

We had an all day meeting at a client who is known to be a little... how shall I say it..."difficult." Not just one person is difficult, it seems to be a requirement to get hired there.

When choosing my outfit, I picked a shirt where I look clearly pregnant and with those dorky "Laura Ingalls" ties at the back added in case they were totally clueless to my state. I did this knowing all too well that even mean, jerky people can't be nasty to a pregnant lady.

Was this wrong?

Monday, May 29, 2006

It's Heather's lucky day!

I was going through my summer clothing today in preparation for our trip to the Bahamas on Saturday. Since it is a trip for Adam's work, I was giving him final veto power (I personally have no problem stuffing into clothes like a sausage.) Well, lo and behold, not ONE item is wearable! Actually, one group of items did still "fit." I will give you a second to guess...

I can still get into my bikini bathing suits, but between my popped out belly button and the lovely fuzz I am growing all over my stomach they were not fit for public consumption. I'll leave you now with that visual.

Heather, keep an eye out for the UPS man.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Someone is knocking on my door...

And I don't think it is something that I ate!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

What is happening during Week 21

The baby weighs about 10.5 ounces (300g) and measures about 7.2 inches (18cm) from crown to rump. He still moves about freely in amniotic fluid.

The baby may respond to external sounds, such as the music you are listening to or your voice.

The baby has developed some red blood cells already. The white blood cells that the baby needs to fight infections are being manufactured.

He is developing taste buds on his tongue.

His digestive system is sufficiently advanced to absorb water and sugar from the amniotic fluid that he swallows and pass it to his large bowel.

The baby has lanugo hair on his forehead and upper lip and his eyebrows are thickening.

Vernix (the waxy substance that covers and protects your baby's skin) accumulates on your baby's eyebrows.

The baby's eyes are still sealed shut.

The baby continues to grow and develop and his kicking is getting stronger now.

18 Weeks, 6 Days

12 Weeks

11 Weeks

8 Weeks, 4 Days

7 Weeks