Monday, July 31, 2006

Exhibit A

Adam has made the request that I post this picture. Since he does not even read the blog (I kid you not), I figured I would humor him and maybe get a few post ideas or contributions from his point of view in the future.

Anyway, he thinks that this is the first fish that I have ever caught on his boat. I know this is not true, I have caught a few others but he always makes me throw them back. ("Almost a keeper, but just a little bit too small...") It must be some strange caveman gene in him, because we only eat fish that he has caught.

But, he was very proud of me and insisted on commemerating the occasion with a photo (which he also wants to put in his office. At work.) I agreed to post the picture selfishly to exhibit what a fibber he is. He tells me that I don't look any different, including my face (other than the alien belly button which I told my niece Reece was the baby's finger). Do you see how chubby my face looks? So bizarre.


Anonymous said...

What a catch, did Adam cook it for you? I think Adam is right you don't look any different in the photo. If we didn't know you were having a baby, you would not be able to tell from this photo.Tell Adam his boat is beautiful. What a Captain.


Vanessa said...

Nope, we had to throw it back. Now he is afraid of the baby getting mercury poisoning from eating fish.

Marlene said...

What a catch, as you were. I read from a previous answer that you guys did not cook it due to the chance of mercury poisoning. Good idea, as I remember hearing about that many years ago. You look slightly different but still great. It's probably just the sun in your eyes. You certainly do not look pregnant.