Saturday, August 05, 2006

30 Week Doctor's Appointment Update

Sorry for the late post on the doctor's appointment, I don't want to worry my Mom!

Heartbeat was 150ish, blood pressure was fine, I have gained two more pounds (14 total), fundal height measuring on track. Met another one of the Obstetricians in the practice, she was very nice. I liked the fact that when she left she said, "It was nice to meet both of you!" (Meaning me and the baby) I thought that was funny. She said the baby appeared to be very active during the exam (cute now, probably not so cute later!)

She also said that my last bloodwork came back that I am anemic. Due to the fact that I can rarely stomach meat, this was no real surprise. She did say that I was anemic in my first tests as well (nice of someone to share this with me). She said that that is not unusual at this stage in the pregnancy since my blood volume has almost doubled. So, not only do I have to take an iron enriched pre-natal vitamin (which I already was), I have to take a supplement as well. Why doesn't she just put a big stop sign on my digestive tract? Ugh, should be fun!

So, I asked her if I could do this via dietary means, and she said that it was almost impossible to get the necessary amount of iron through diet alone. I knew Adam would wonder this as well, since he is not a huge supplement fan, so I decided to Google it. Here is a partial list of iron rich foods:

Boiled cockles, Black pudding, Liver, Fish paste, Faggots (what the heck is this?) , Kidney, Venison, Heart, mussels, liver pate, liver sausage, goose, pheasant, canned shrimp, haggis, sardines, anchovies, and ox tongue.

So, I think they should do the opposite. They should let you know only that you are "not" anemic, because I can't imagine anyone who isn't. This food list is pretty disgusting, don't you think?

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know that when I was pregnant with you my darling daughter, I too had to take extra iron tablets. From eight months on I was taking four extra tablets a day.To help ease the pain of the iron tablets, I would use a large bottle of milk of magnesia every week.I think the iron is why you had such black hair when you were born.Just look at how cute you turned out.