Friday, September 01, 2006


I was taking a shower this evening while Adam was down at the boat. I had just spoken to him before I got in, and I knew he would be home within a half hour. So, as is my usual routine if I have the time, I like to sit on the floor of the tub for a while, stretched out and relax a little bit.

(Note to self: Another reason to keep the cleaning lady after the birth! I shudder to think what our tub would look like if we were left to our own devices)

Anyway, I had some soap on my back when I sat down (I have no idea why I didn't rinse it off first, I am very impulsive in my actions I guess), and also had the brilliant idea to try to shave my legs (unsuccessfully I might add). So here I am, stretched out in the tub with my head resting on the highest part, half covered in soap and holding a razor. I decide I need to get up to rinse off, and realize I am too low to have leverage with my arms, I am slipperly like an eel, and I have a giant baby pinning me down! Lovely visual for you all. I thought I would be stuck in there getting shriveled like a prune until Adam got home!

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Anonymous said...

I'm peeing...but only because I know that you are okay!