Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rocket Science

Whoever has said that taking care of a newborn is mindless work (old me) has never done so for an extended period of time. I used to consider myself to be a reasonably intelligent person (since being pregnant and now sleep deprived, I am not that swift). Everyday, I am challenged. For example:

  • I am very challenged with the use of baby equipment. I have never met a stroller that I could open or close. Even after being shown how to do it, I cannot. I leave mine open not for convenience, but so that I won't be stranded at home because I can't open it myself.
  • I am not the world's greatest diaper changer. Each time, I need to concentrate to get the flaps in the right place and get it on so that it won't leak. Just the other day, I was putting one on and realized I had it backward. I always have to remember that the picture goes in the front.
  • Without writing it down, I cannot remember when the last time Henry took his thrush medicine, his gas drops, had his diaper changed, ate, or slept. He has a busier schedule than any executive!
  • Giving him a bath without drowning him is a challenge, and I can never get in between the rolls under his chin.
  • I am still learning to do everything with one hand. Clean, wash my hands, brush my teeth, make food, eat etc.
  • Getting his tiny clothing on without breaking a limb
  • Steering his stroller through tiny NYC stores without breaking something
  • Timing doing things. I need him to be asleep for long enough so he won't wake when I put him down, but not so long that he wakes up before I am done. Still haven't perfected that one yet, hence I haven't shaved my legs in ages.
  • Choosing the perfect amount of clothing when we leave the house. I need to find the balance so that he is not sweating to death and I am not getting dirty looks from women on the street. This is challenging because the Dominican children in my neighborhood have snowsuits on if it drops below 60 degrees.

So, hats off to those of you doing this with more than one!

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