Friday, January 12, 2007

Christmas, the gift that kept on giving

Update on Henry's cold:

He woke up last week sounding much worse, making a wheezing noise. I called the doctor's office and got him an appointment that day. (They really try to screen the new moms during cold season by the way. Very annoying.) The doctor look one listen to him and said I was right to be concerned. He thought he had bronchiolitis, which is basically inflammation of the bronchial tubes. He took a pulse-ox (sp) reading on his hand which was normal and put him on a nebulizer in the office. That helped a lot so he sent us home with one. We had to do it every 4 hours around the clock. He is much better now.

Since he encountered many sick people (who shall remain nameless) over the holidays we have not been able to peg the culprit that got him sick. However, Grandma Karen is taking him on an all expense paid trip to the Carter's Outlet when we go to Florida on Sunday. Hmmm, does someone have a guilty conscience?

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Anonymous said...

Now, don't go blaming Grandma Karen - she would take him to Carter's with or without a cold. You take him on those dreaded subways where everyone's germs just linger in the tunnel.
Can't wait to meet him in person - he is adorable. Did you tell his Dr. you were taking him on his first plane trip? That is another place where germs fester - so make sure you keep him away from Sneezy & Drippy at the airport.