Friday, April 06, 2007

Hey, there's something green in this card! Is it stringbeans?

Dear Grandma and Grandpa,
Thank you for the Easter card and present. I am sitting here in my toddler rocker from Cousin Donna pondering what I might spend it on. Maybe a new book or toy? Maybe a Mother's Day present for my Mom? She is the greatest, she really deserves it.
Of course she is blathering away about some new thing she wants to teach me to do. Something called saving? Who knows what that is, I just want to spend spend spend! Just so you know, she is only letting me keep 50% of it to spend on whatever I want. I have to put 20% of it in my college fund, save 5% of it to help people who don't have as much and 25% to save for big stuff like a pony.

So, if you want me to have $5 to spend on candy, you'll need to send $10 next time. (That's something I'm learning called Math.)



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Anonymous said...

No candy Henry its bad for the teeth that you don't have yet.