Thursday, April 12, 2007

In my defense, it was dark.

A few times per night, Henry, Adam and I play the pacifier game. Here are the rules: Adam keeps one on his pillow, I keep one on mine. Henry keeps one in his mouth. When it inevitably falls out, Henry flails around looking for it. He tosses himself side to side, burying his face in the mattress with his mouth open like a little aardvark searching for ants. Whoever he hits first shoves it quickly in his mouth before he fully wakes up.

Last night he tagged me first. I picked mine up and popped it in his mouth. For some reason, he didn't stop crying and I didn't feel him start sucking on it. It took me a moment to realize I was shoving it in his ear.


Anonymous said...

Another sleep deprived Mommy. He won't remember - and didn't mind as long as he had your attention.

Anonymous said...

As long as Adam didn't stick the other one in the other ear, one of you will get it right. Just get some sleep and put him in his own crib.


I.N. said...

Your Mom is a smart woman! Put that little Bubbie in his crib! If you were anything like me (pregnant and irrational,) you probably spent a fortune on his crib...get your money's worth!