Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Moms out there! Pat yourselves on the back for another fine year.

I offer a special salute to my Mom, who is arguably one of the best Moms ever. Even though we are all out of the house and grown, she is still on duty. Her love, caring and patience for us knows no bounds. She is still interested in the minutest details of our lives, and you can see that I definitely exploit that interest!

If you think the blog is a little too much information then you obviously have not heard my phone calls. First we talk (well, "I" talk) about how great Henry is and every twitch he made since he woke up that day. And, how each twitch shows some indication of his genius which is due to my superior parenting skills (kidding people). Then, she patiently listens to me describe every ache, pain, woe, and annoyance of my life. I follow this up with a blow by blow account of my day. She also serves as the Help Desk for all of my questions regarding: Babies, Food, Cleaning, Money, Legal Issues, Entertaining, Real Estate, and Etiquette. Feel free to call her, she is very informative.

As this is my first Mother's Day, I am obviously very excited. I can't believe my little guy will be seven months on Tuesday. The time is just flying, which all of you warned me about. They say that Motherhood is the toughest job that you will ever love. I agree that it probably is. I will say that caring for a seven month old is not tough at all. I know, you are all scratching your heads and thinking that I have officially gone of the deep end due to sleep deprivation. Let me explain.

Just take a look at that two-toothed grin. I get to look at that adorable little face every day and he gives me that smile the entire time. He is so sweet and full of wonder. He gets so happy when I just sit next to him on the floor. Every minute holds something new for him to see or do.

It is an awesome responsibility for someone to depend on you 100% for everything they need to live. You would think it would feel oppressive, but it really doesn't. Doing even the smallest things for him is a joy. He is a wonderful little boy and I'm so happy he is mine!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photo, Happy Mother's Day.


Anonymous said...

And Happy First Mother's day - not only a beautiful photo - a beautiful Mom holding a precious little boy! What a loving tribute to your Mom, and I can attest that every word is true. You have to hear the 2 of us together telling each other of Jack & Henry's latest acievements (like sleeping and eating) You are very blessed to have her as a Mom - and I am blessed to have her as not only my cousin, but a very good friend.