Thursday, May 10, 2007

Join the Bone Marrow Registry for Free in Honor of Mother's Day

I recently registered to become a bone marrow donor. I did so after reading about a little boy named Trevor Kott, who was born the day before Henry. His parents had put him in his carseat to go home and noticed some dots on his arm. They showed the nurse, asking if it was a rash from his sweater. He was diagnosed with Leukemia that day. They could not find a match in his family or in the entire marrow database. He passed away at six months old, still waiting for a donor. I can not even fathom the agony that family went through, and the hopelessness they must have felt while searching for a donor.

The process was super easy. You register on line and they send you a kit in the mail. You swab your cheeks with 4 Q Tips that they send you and mail it right back. It normally costs $52 dollars to register.

In honor of Mother's Day, they are looking to register 20,000 new donors. Until May 21st, they are waiving the registration fee. Please go to the following link and check it out.

Who knows, maybe you could save a life. How great would that be?

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