Friday, May 25, 2007

Operation Baba

I received a phone call from my brother yesterday. I picked up the phone and he hadn't even said hello before he said, "Please tell me that my nephew has practiced drinking from a few bottles this week." Hmm, I guess three-time daddy is a little nervous about watching my little angel on June 9th.

I replied that Adam would not be home from his business trip until that night, but that I had been pumping milk all week like a good little dairy farmer. Joy of all joys.

I had decided that Henry's 11pm bottle would be the best one to start with. He would be sleepy, so drinking from a bottle given by Adam would be significantly different enough to make an imprint on his brain. I prepped his never opened package of Dr. Brown's bottles in anticipation of the big event. I set up some pillows and the boppy for Adam on the bed and tucked myself in to enjoy the big show.

Henry woke like clockwork at 11pm and Adam went in to get him. This was enough to start his Mama cry. Imagine his face when Adam leaned him back on the boppy and tried to get the bottle in his mouth. Not happening. He handed him off to me so that I could take a shot. Henry immediately started rooting and swinging his head back and forth. I caught him looking up and tried to pop it in his mouth. He had his lips pressed shut as tight as Fort Knox. No way no how was he participating in our little game. Finally I got the bottle in his mouth and he started drinking. He looked at me the entire time like I was trying to poison him.

About halfway through, I passed him back to Adam to finish the bottle. He took it no problem, but proceeded to stare at me the entire time like I was the biggest traitor. I felt terrible that he was so confused.

It did solve one mystery. He only drank 4 1/2 ounces, which confirmed for me that he is a little snacker. We will be doing round 2 shortly!

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Anonymous said...

How did round two go. I am betting on who will win the battle. Good Luck .