Thursday, June 14, 2007


Henry and I just returned from a trip to Florida. He was such a good boy on both flights; he slept for part of the time, hopped around on my lap and pulled my hair for the rest.

He was very busy during his trip to Grandma's house. He started clapping his hands, sleeping on his stomach and pulling up to a standing position. The clapping is so cute, he breaks it out for any and all occasions. He was even clapping in his sleep last night. He is also talking a lot more. He was on the phone with Adam this morning, and smiling as he listened to him. As soon as I took the phone away from him, he said Dada. It is really incredible how much he understands now.

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Anonymous said...

We sure had fun while Henry was visiting us here in Florida. He just had a great time at his little coming out party with all the Florida relatives.
He was just to cute sitting in his pouch waving goodbye to us at the airport.

Grandma and Grandpa