Thursday, July 19, 2007

Clearly, I am nuts

We have been to three weddings in the past two months. Since I now have a son, I have a renewed interest in the Mother of the Groom Dance. I watch them dancing and feel so sorry for her. I realize how fast the time goes, and that the moment must be bittersweet.

Adam is horrified when I actually start tearing up during their dance. I even listen to the lyrics, I am such a sap. The last one was Celine Dion's "I'm Everything I Am Because You Loved Me." The line "You were my voice when I couldn't speak" practically sent me over the edge. The four glasses of wine that I chugged when I got there to calm my babysitter nerves probably didn't help.

Personally, I cannot imagine a woman good enough to marry "My Henry." I have taken to thinking about his future wife as "That Bit#$" Crazy, I know. I sound like an Italian mother that irons his underwear and brings him a plate of meatballs to eat on the couch.

Since he is so personable and handsome, I know the ladies will fall all over him and that the wedding day is inevitable. I was sharing my plight with someone, and decided that since I couldn't prevent the day from happening, I could at least stretch out our moment together. They suggested that I pick "Freebird" because the song is twenty-two minutes long. We'll see what she has to say about that!


Anonymous said...

Ditto! xo

Meredith said...

OMG!!! I never thought of this before and I have two Taran boys!! What are we all to do??
Seriously, that Henry kid is ridiculously cute!