Friday, July 27, 2007

Like a Deranged Politician

Once a week, Henry and I make the trek to the dry cleaners to drop off Adam's shirts. I put the bag in the stroller and put him in a carrier. I recently purchased a new one (an Ergo, I love it) and I can put him on my back.

This week, on the way home we were walking down Broadway. There is a bus station that we pass, so there are tons of people milling about and vendors on the sidewalk. I am looking like a crazy lady, pushing an empty stroller with a baby on my back. But, if you have ever walked past a bus terminal, you'll know I was the least crazy person around.

As we are walking, everyone we pass is laughing. I am getting a considerably more than normal amount of hellos and holas (and this is a very friendly neighborhood) and am starting to think something is amiss. Just then, I catch a view of Henry in a store window. He is sporting a huge three-toothed grin, swinging his head back and forth, and is very excitedly waving hello with both of his arms to everyone that we pass.

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