Thursday, July 12, 2007

Why have a blog if...

You don't brag about your kid being a genius? I know ALL parents think their baby is smart. One of the funniest comments I ever heard was when a co-worker asked me why there were not more geniuses in the world since so many people were geniuses as babies?

Anyway, make fun all you want but my little Henry is a boy wonder these days. I won't even go into that much detail about his freakish ability to throw a ball. Suffice it to say that he may be referred to as H-Rod one day. And of course a hit with the ladies like Derek Jeter since he is so handsome.

My "he must be a genius" post today is about his musical ability. I bit the bullet and signed him up for the summer session of his Music Together class, since frankly I have a lot of hours to fill and he likes it.

We got to class and he immediately crawled to the center of the circle and was clapping his little hands to the music that was playing. Totally adorable. During all of the singing portions, he was shouting out all sorts of little baby noises and trying to "sing." The teacher even pointed out more than once that Henry was on pitch (oh please) and that he was singing during the resting tones (whatever the hell that means.)

But, the most exciting part was his use of the little egg rattles. He has always been good about shaking them and not just shoving him in his mouth like the other babies. He was watching the teacher very intently the entire time. When she started clicking her two eggs together he starting clapping his egg on his hand. When she started tapping her eggs on the floor, I swear to you he bent down and tapped his egg too. I would have fallen over when I saw that but I was already sitting down.

Anyway, thanks for indulging me! I think he is pretty special.


Anonymous said...

He is very special and I am a lucky grandma because I have all these smart grandchildren..

Meredith said...

I knew he was a genius since day one!!!