Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Well, I guess he was hungry

Now that Henry can crawl, he can entertain himself much better when I am working in the kitchen. He loves to race to the dishwasher as soon as I open it and shake the baskets. He loves to pull things out of the freezer when I open the door or try to get to the salad dressings in the refrigerator. Or, open the garbage can. Or, climb the recycling bin or water cooler. Or, eat food off the floor before I have had a chance to sweep it up. It is MUCH easier to get things done now than when he was just screaming to get out of the exersaucer or bouncy chair.

Yesterday was the weekly pick up from our organic farm share. I had left a bag of produce on the floor which Henry found his way into. Since this was a fairly innocuous activity compared to what he could be doing, I let him have at it. He pulled a peach out of the bag and was eyeing it. He put it up to his mouth and started nibbling at it. I never give him fruit with skin so I figured he wouldn't get anywhere. Lo and behold, in about 10 minutes he had eaten half the peach. He hadn't choked on it, or dropped it on the floor. I took it away from him at one point because he had so much in his mouth and he started crying. Who knew I would have to take fruit away from my kid? Anyway, he looked so confident, like he has been eating whole fruit out of his hand his entire life.

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