Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Funny Boy

Henry has perfected his use of the raspberry. His comedic timing has really improved as of late. Recent examples of his use:

  • On Thanksgiving, his cousin Jordan said "So Henry, give me a low five..." Henry responded with a perfectly timed one, followed by a fit of giggling
  • Today he was making kissing noises at his new stuffed "Do" (Dog). I said "Henry, can you give Mommy a kiss too?" The statement was followed by a raspberry. Five times.
  • Tonight I took him out to dinner. Every time one of the waiters passed him and smiled Henry greeted him with a nice Bronx cheer

As always, Henry is full of mischief. Today, after he tried to lock me out of the bathroom I caught him trying to wrench the lock off of our toilet lid. When I went to use the bathroom this evening I discovered why. Somehow he managed to throw his pacifier into the water, despite the lid being pinned down.

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