Monday, December 31, 2007

And will there be anything else Mr. Hefner?

Henry has started bringing me his slippers to be put on while we are at home.

He loves them so much that he was furious the other day when I made him wear shoes to the grocery store. I felt terrible this morning when I plopped him on the floor barefoot and he came trotting back a minute later with a pair of socks! How bad of a mother am I that my poor baby has to tell me that his feet are cold?

Other funny Henry happenings:

He took a page from the playbook of his cousin Jack with this one. I was racing around looking for the phone this morning and I heard ringing coming from his room. I searched and searched until I realized that the ringing was coming from the tube of his Busy Ball Popper. He had jammed the phone down into the toy and now it is stuck there.

The phone was ringing last week and I was ignoring it because I was in the middle of something. Henry disappeared for a minute and came trotting after me with the ringing phone that he had gotten for me. It drives him crazy if I don't answer the phone, he just NEEDS to know who is calling.

He walked into the bedroom last week and put his changing pad on the bed. Think he was trying to tell me something?

He has taken to hiding his sippy cup in the play refrigerator and taking the wooden play bottles and storing them in the real refrigerator. I think our cleaning lady thinks I have lost my marbles.

He can now perfectly imitate coughing, sneezing and nose blowing. He also breaks out his raspberry for something else that I won't mention.

I was making his breakfast and he was rooting around in the refrigerator. He took out a container of cottage cheese and left the kitchen. He returned shortly with one of his play spoons. Another proud mothering moment, my poor baby is so hungry that he needs to fetch his own breakfast.

As is very common, Henry can refuse to eat at the table but be perfectly happy to eat food off the floor right after. He is so sweet that he brought two grape halves that he had salvaged, one for me and one for him. Ick!

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