Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas. Christmas has never really been my favorite holiday in the past, but I never realized how much I was missing until we had Henry. It was so fun to think of new family traditions that we can carry from year to year and continue old ones with him.
The first thing that I did was make most of the ornaments for our tree, which I normally do anyway. I didn't want to have to gate the tree and I didn't want to be constantly worrying if Henry touched it. My mom bought me a bunch of craft supplies and I made them out of felt and foam. They came out really cute and I will probably use them until we have less of a need for "Henry proofing." We also continued the tradition of buying and decorating our tree on December 16th, which was my Dad's birthday. We make a big Italian feast for dinner; I was pleased that Henry liked Insalate Caprese and lasagna as much as we do!

The second thing that we did (much to Adam's dismay) was order matching holiday pajamas for the three of us. They were goofy looking but it was a fun thing to do and Henry definitely had a confused look on his face when he looked at us this morning! I am going to order different ones every year.

The next tradition that we started was to make cinnamon buns to eat while opening our presents before breakfast. I have to admit, this one is mostly for me. Grandma was nice enough to get up early and finish the preparations so we woke to the smell of hot buns and coffee this morning. My idea of heaven! For her efforts she was awarded the honor of having her breakfast on the special red plate that we bought for our family.

Henry just loved his new play kitchen and food. Adam and I had such a ball putting it together after he went to sleep last night. It was quite the sight to see us carefully arranging the playfood and seeing Adam actually contemplate whether the toy steak belonged in the fridge or the freezer. He also received a new ball, a baby stroller, some musical instruments, some clothing and books and a few other great toys. We were so excited for him to wake up this morning. We had the camera and the video camera charged to document his first view of his kitchen. Poor boy was probably wondering why his parents had turned into the paparazzi!

After breakfast, we stopped to visit Grandpa Joe and then headed out for dinner at Uncle Kevin and Aunt Julie's house. It was so great to see Henry playing with his cousins, he is finally able to participate in some of the things that they do and they were so sweet to him.

All in all, it was a wonderful day. Merry Christmas everyone!

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