Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chef Henry

Henry loves to cook and help in the kitchen. He loves his play kitchen at home and the play kitchen at school. It is a little bizarre that such a young child could have such an intense interest in one thing.

It was cold out today and we were bored so I decided to bake with him for the first time (Cousin Brenda, you inspired me with your apple pie!) It worked out even better than I could have hoped.

First I took him to the grocery store to get the ingredients. I let him walk and take the items off the shelf and then put them in the stroller. When we got home I moved our stainless table near a wall so I could plug in the mixer. Henry's seat hooks onto that table.

There was a lot more for him to do than I realized. He was able to help scoop and measure, dump things into the bowl, help crack eggs, help scoop the batter, take them off the cookie sheet, and do "quality control." We even wrapped a few up and he delivered them to the neighbors.

Here are some pictures, excuse the poor quality because they are action shots.

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Anonymous said...

This little apple didn't fall far from your tree or Adam's. Its a family trait all this baking and cooking. Henry looks like he really likes the finished product.