Friday, February 29, 2008

"Water"-Gate Update

Henry is still trying his darndest to get at the water cooler. A few days ago I was giving him small sips in his cup from the cooler and couldn't figure out how he was drinking it so quickly. I followed him into the dining room and saw him dumping his cup into the plants!

Then, he was jamming his hands in between the wall and cooler (I have it turned around) and trying to catch drops out of the tap. He alternated between pretending to wash his hands and rubbing it in my hair like he was washing my hair.

I finally turned it around this morning because it was getting inconvenient for me. I thought I could control him by just not giving him a cup. I came into the kitchen and he was sipping from an empty Play-Dough container. I have to give him an A+ for ingenuity and perserverance.

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