Friday, April 11, 2008

Henry and the Failed Easter Outfit

I was very excited for Easter this year because I had found the most adorable outfit at The Children's Place. I ordered it well ahead of time, and even ironed it the night before. My mother would be proud. It was a tan linen three button suit with a blue linen button down shirt that matched his eyes. I got the cutest tan suede nubuck shoes for him to wear as well.

Easter morning I excitedly started to dress Henry. As soon as I slipped the shirt on his shoulders he started screaming and clawing at it. I couldn't even button it before he had ripped it off. After much wrestling, I managed to get the pants on him. Forget the shoes. Undeterred, I dressed him in another outfit, packed up his Easter finery and we headed out to my brother's house.

Here is a pictorial review on how the dressing went down. Notice the angry scowl and the finger shaking. I think he might have even say "Do you want a piece of me" but I can't be sure.

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