Saturday, May 03, 2008

So that is what I need!

Forget a babysitter, I need to rent a four year old.

We went to our friend's house today for a Kentucky Derby Party. They live in the burbs, so Henry had tons of fun running around their back yard and playing on their mini-playground. About halfway through the party, their four year old daughter Emma discovered that Henry was fun to play with and that he would let her boss him around.

We didn't see Henry for the rest of the afternoon. They chased each other round and round, ate dinner together at her little table (well, Henry ate his dinner AND hers) and generally had a ball. He called her something that sounded like "Elmo" and thought it would amuse her if he took off his pants in the middle of the living room. She looked at me once and said "Henry's funny!"

It was the most rest I have had in weeks!

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