Friday, September 26, 2008

Mama! Mama!

It has been a very exciting few weeks around here language wise. Henry's ability to string together words has really exploded. Most things start with "Dere da" (aka there's a) but it's a start.

Some cute ones...

"Uh Oh... Mama... Dere da spill!" I hear this quite often every day. I never know if it is a full fledged flood or a small drop. I am just glad he tells me. He also darts off for the nearest towel to wipe it up.

"Mama...Dada Burped!" This could either refer to himself or Adam, since they are both Dada

"Mama...In Da Mouth" This is to report on his friend Kaden eating playdough or some other inedible substance while we are not looking. He also mimes an eating motion in case he is not totally clear.

If he wants something or someone has stolen something from him but he doesn't know what to say he looks at me and says "Yeah Yeah Yeah" over and over while vigorously nodding at the offender or object.

If he has nothing to say he uses Mama as an all around place filler. There is no action too small for me to witness. If it weren't so sweet hearing your name repeated four thousand times per day would give you the shakes.

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