Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Sweet Spot

I think I have reached a sweet spot in child rearing. Henry now sleeps through the night consistently, naps consistently and doesn't freak out randomly. He has tantrums, but they are manageable and somewhat predictable. He can feed himself, let me know when he needs a diaper change, doesn't freak out when being changed or bathed. He doesn't throw fits in the car and can entertain himself for short periods. He can walk, rides in the stroller willingly and can communicate his needs very well. He interacts with other children, doesn't hit them, steal toys and shares very well. He can participate in toddler activities so we can do more things.

How long can honeymoon phase possibly last?


Anonymous said...

Until baby Schnell # 2 comes. Only kidding, he is growing up.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vanessa! So..I've been reading your blog on and off for about a year now. I randomly found you one day because...well, I've been searching for you since, gosh, after college! I googled your name and up came your blog! How crazy is that? Anyhoo, I got totally excited and was going to "comment" and then I got scared. What if you didn't remember me? What if you didn't want to hear from me? But I just recently became "facebook" addict (I'm not proud of it..but I am) and have been reconnecting with so many people you and I knew when we were like..5 and 6 years old so I had to just bite the bullet and see if you knew/remembered/wanted to hear from me! With this said...Hi. My name is Alison Clifford and I've been dying to hear from you for years! I've missed "Ferd" for soooooo long!! And I hope to hear back from you soon. Shoot me an e-mail if you'd like. My e-mail is - My married name is Daniels. :) By the way, your son is just beautiful and you look great!!! :) Take care, Alison

Vanessa said...


How fun to hear from you! I sent you an email