Wednesday, September 03, 2008

They don't teach this stuff in the books...

We are at a cross-roads with potty training. Not to be graphic, but we have awareness before the fact, dislike of diapers, interest in the toilet (well, flushing the toilet) and ability to pull down pants. However, we have no interest in actually sitting on the actual seat.

Tonight was a normal night, Henry fought putting a new diaper on, preferring to run around in the altogether. I finally pinned him down and slapped a diaper on him. He cried and pleaded and tried to rip it off. I explained the simple fact to him that if wanted to wear underwear I would be happy to buy him some. But, it also meant that he would have to stop relieving himself on the carpet and then giggling.

He yessed me to death but still tried to rip off the diaper. Clearly he was ready for the underwear "right then." Hmm, I was going to have to improvise. I whipped out a pair of Adam's boxers and handed them to him. He refused my offer to help him, and tried to wrestle them on himself. After a few minutes he came back for my assistance. I put them on him and of course they fell right off. Feeling satisfied with his victory, he stepped out of them and walked away.

They really need to update those parenting books, I think they skipped this particular chapter.

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