Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy Second Birthday Henry!

Dear Henry,

I can't believe you turned two years old today. Every mother I speak to has warned me how fast the time flies, and this has turned out to be true. Although I am sad that you are no longer my little baby, I am very excited to see the little boy that you are becoming. To say that your Daddy and I are proud of you is the understatement of the year.

Although you will not remember the time when you were this young, I hope you will read this one day and know how much we love you. Every day, you wake up with a smile on your face and in turn put a smile on mine. It is such a joy to see how much you love to learn and do new things. I have to keep reminding myself that everything you see is new and exciting to you. It has certainly forced me to slow down and notice the little details of life. You can't pass a flower or a plant without smelling it and making me smell it too. You tell me everytime we pass a dog on the street or a bus drives by. Every week we sit in the window and look down at the garbage trucks. I can never miss the phone or doorbell ringing or the microwave beeping because you run into the room to tell me.

You start the day running and don't stop until your head hits your pillow. We often have to try to put you to bed a few times because you are just too excited to sleep. Your Daddy and I hate to hear you cry so we let you lay on the couch with us until you are really sleepy. Even then, you insist on clapping when the audience on TV claps and bob your little head to the music. We try to be strict, but it always makes us laugh.

You make me catch my breath when you swing from the top bar on the slide or try to climb a ladder by yourself. Just this week you tried to play Superman twice, diving headfirst over a ball! You are so determined to do everything yourself and I have to chase you to even get you dressed. When you are interested in something, it is impossible to break your focus. We stood at the mailbox today for over twenty minutes while you tried to work the little key in the lock. Every time I open the front door you run away and make me chase you. One time you even banged on the neighbor's door, forcing us to make an unexpected social call.

You would drink ten juice boxes a day and watch Elmo all day if I let you. If I tell you that you can't watch Elmo, you ask to watch Dora. Your persistence and ingenuity always make me laugh. Today you climbed up next to the table and scraped all of the icing off the side of your birthday cake. You tried to blame it on your Elmo doll. You get so excited to see your friends and love to have them chase you. I don't think you will ever have a hard time making or keeping friends, you are such a sweet boy.

You hide behind the curtains and try to scare me when you yell "Boo!" You make me kiss all sorts of inanimate objects during the day; last week you made me kiss the vacuum cleaner for some crazy reason. Today we must have lit your birthday candles twenty times just because you asked us to. We probably sang the Happy Birthday song even more times than that, all because you asked. Even though I am eight months pregnant, you still want me to go down the twisty slide after you and wait for me at the bottom laughing. You insist that I sit on your tricycle and try to push me around the house. You can't get a kiss from me without insisting that I kiss your Dad too.

I can't believe what a perfect fit you are for our family and I can't remember a time when we didn't know you. Who knows what we did with all of our spare time before you!

Happy Birthday sweet boy; I can't wait to see what happens this year!


Anonymous said...

Well I am waiting for pictures from Henry's party in Florida.

Anonymous said...

OK, I have been moved by your words,, Keep on writing!!!