Saturday, November 15, 2008


Since I have been accused by my mother of slacking off at blog writing, I will attempt to post something. As you can see by the ticker, I have less than 30 days to go until #2 arrives. Other than sheer exhaustion and my pelvis feeling like it is splitting in two, things are going well. Oh, and horrific heartburn. I think I have personally raised the stock price of Tums due to my level of consumption. I have insomnia like I did with Henry, so I am up until all hours of the night reading.

Henry is doing great, he is enjoying his increased TV time. Honestly, I am too tired to fight off his TV demands by the end of the day. Embarrassingly, he can now quote more of Dora the Explorer than I am comfortable with. He runs around saying "No Man!" (Oh Man!) and "Oh May!" (No Way!) He does the little dance at the end and insists on high-fiving me, while yelling "Yeah" just like Dora does. He also carries around his little Diego backpack with our homemade map in the pocket. Yup, my little TV junkie.

Speaking of the backpack, I need to check it frequently. I was looking high and low for my cell phone charger this week and found it tucked neatly inside with his other treasures. Adam was looking for our tongs to make the bacon this morning and found them in Henry's kitchen. I have also caught him stuffing groceries in there.

He is talking a ton, he refers to himself now as "Ahna." A big improvement from "Dada." He loves playing with his little friends now, they chase each other around the house and actually seem to notice each other. We also have to sing Happy Birthday a few times per day, subbing in the names of the family and his friends. I guess his birthday had a big impact on him.

Things are going well at the doctor, I have had an uncomplicated pregnancy so far. At my last visit, I had still only gained 16 pounds, which I am sure I will be thankful for later. My blood pressure and all other tests are coming back fine. Due to my "Advanced Maternal Age" (isn't that a hoot!) I need to have a stress test every week moving forward. Since it requires me to be strapped to a machine with Henry on the loose at the doctor's office I think they should measure maternal stress at the same time!

That's all for now!


Anonymous said...

Good to hear all is going well. Henry seems to be advancing in leaps and bounds. Does he know that his world is about to change?

Anonymous said...

I guess I will prepare myself for Dora the Explorer, at my advanced age , staying with Henry while you are in the hospital. Hope my bag of crafts and watching Dora will work for me. Oh and the other part of putting Henry in the stroller and walking the streets of the city, like you had me do the last time , when you couldn't get him to sleep. I am looking forward to staying with Henry and greeting my newest grandchild.
Mom/ Grandma