Sunday, December 07, 2008

Fun Henry Facts

  • Henry will only wear one pair of shoes. He is on his fifth pair of the same navy Stride Rite sneakers. Unfortunately, he is in the largest size, so he is going to have to switch soon! He won't even try on other shoes. Or slippers. Even Adam has finally accepted that buying them is futile, Henry has an iron will.
  • Henry insists on picking out my shoes every day. I get two choices, shoes or boots. He makes the selection and lets me know before we leave the house. He isn't overly concerned that they match my outfit.
  • His favorite fruit is still the apple, but is close to being surpassed by the "numna" aka, the banana. He generally wants to eat two bananas back to back.
  • He still loves to cook and is very accurate in his pretend play. Today he was trying to measure vanilla with one of his silver spoons that looked a lot like a measuring spoon.
  • He can now peel a clementine and a banana on his own.
  • He is an expert vegetable washer
  • He loves to empty the dishwasher and narrates what each piece is as he hands it to me
  • He is very particular about how things are done. We have to follow certain "rules" that he has set up when getting ready for bed, brushing his teeth, after naps. Otherwise, things get ugly!
  • Henry is easily bribed. I got him to pick up his toys today by offering to let him vacuum. It is amazing what he will do for Skittles.
  • He has an aversion to button down shirts and gets very upset when I try to make him wear one.

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