Saturday, January 17, 2009

Fun Facts About Molly

  • She has thick, dark brown hair that defies styling. Her eyes are still a grey blue.
  • She has rolls of fat on her thighs, and when she lays down her belly extends over her sides. So adorable. She has already outgrown her newborn diapers.
  • She hates having her arms swaddled down.
  • She is a great eater, and eats much more than Henry ever did.
  • She snoozes most of the day, but she insists on being held. If you put her in a crib, her bed, her chair or her swing, she wakes about 10 minutes later. I carry her much of the day in something called a Moby Wrap. In this, she will sleep for HOURS.
  • She loves bathtime. She gets completely silent and sucks on her thumb. Just like she was doing in her ultrasound pictures.
  • Her feet are very long and skinny. She will soon outgrow her newborn outfits that are footed just because her feet are so long.
  • She has already started to smile and laugh a little, I think she did it first around two weeks old.
  • Her most alert periods of the day are during Henry's nap and when everyone has gone to bed at night. I am soooo tired!

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Anonymous said...

I remember that Molly's Mom also had thick dark hair - that defied styling when she was an infant.