Sunday, March 15, 2009

Daddy is tops!

Adam and Henry have always had a great relationship. They go to the park alone every weekend, Adam gives him his bath at night and reads him his books and they just adore each other. But, I think the first two years of life are generally more devoted to the mother-child relationship.

Now that Henry is more boy than baby it is sweet to watch their relationship develop. Henry is able to do things like kick a soccer ball, throw a football, run around and do older kid type things. He points out pictures of boats and it is always "Daddy's boat" and he says he wants to go on it. Recently he saw basketball on TV and I told him what it was. He said he wanted to play basketball "with Daddy" at the park. I swear I think Adam's eyes welled up a bit when Henry told him but he'd never admit that :)

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