Thursday, March 19, 2009

Henry and Molly Happenings

  • We were at the park yesterday for hours because it was so warm out. Henry was climbing the wrong way up the baby slide and told me it was so slippery that he needed his snow boots.
  • Henry was throwing his big ball into places that were too high for him to reach or behind objects on purpose. He would then demand a rope so that he could get the ball. Where does he hear these things? Is he watching MacGuyver reruns at night?
  • Henry found a business card on Adam's nightstand. I was explaining to him that it had an address and a number on it. He exclaimed that it must be "a map." Pretty good guess I think.
  • Henry was playing his guitar this evening and we were singing. Molly was cooing and smiling on my lap during the "ABC Song." Henry gave me the cut sign halfway through and signaled the "Itsy Bitsy Spider." Molly's eyes welled up and her bottom lip started to quiver. We switched back and she smiled again. We went back to the spider song and she cried. An arachnophobe in the making?

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