Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Annoying Than Candy Land

I always thought there were few games more annoying than Candy Land. Henry has proved me wrong and come up with some doozies.

He pretty much insists on playing with anything that is not a toy. You let it go because he is having fun and it gives you five minutes to do something else. However, the game always reaches that fateful point where he can't perform some part of it and now he needs your help. Immediately. Over and over.

Take the life jacket game. Adam has been waiting for two years for Henry to be interested in going on the boat. The day has finally come! Anyway, this involves Henry wearing a lifejacket from the car, down the floating dock and onto the boat. Because of this, he needs to bring it home to the apartment. Henry looooooooooves his life jacket and wants to wear it constantly. No harm there, right?

Getting it on involves putting his arms properly through the very tight holes, zipping it up, clasping the front and then attaching the clasp between his legs. In the process, he jabbers away about the life jacket, what color it is, who else needs to wear a life jacket...cute right? You then are forced to answer "Ma...yeah? yeah?" over and over about whether he is putting it on correctly (backwards, upside down, inside out, wrong arm...the possibilities are endless). He then needs help zipping it up, but the zipper doesn't go as high as he likes. He gets positively indignant that you can't zip it up to his chin.

Once it is on for three seconds, he wants it off but he can't undo the clasps (but God forbid you help him do the clasps). Once it is off, you guessed it, he wants it back on again. Over and over and over. You try to be nice and give him the warning that this is the "Last Time." He freaks out and tries to repeat the game with Adam. He then runs back and forth like a ping pong ball until one of us finally cracks and gives in.

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