Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My Little Consumer

Henry watches Noggin, which fortunately doesn't have any commercials. I didn't realize how nice that was until he caught a program on another channel recently and immediately started asking for "The Better Batter Ball." He very sweetly kept saying "Ma, Henry try?" Once I realized what he wanted I said, "No Henry, we don't have that." He very helpfully suggested that I "Go to Target, buy for Henry!"

He also spends a lot of time cruising the neighborhood in his stroller. He is very familiar with the stores and instructs me where to stop and what we need. At Jin's Market he tells me that he needs apples and bananas. At the deli he makes the suggestion that I buy him a Bacon, Egg and Cheese sandwich. Last week he suggested I stop at Starbucks (he knew it by name) and buy some coffee. I laughed and said, "Henry, you can't drink coffee!" He corrected me that the coffee was for me and that he would have chocolate milk.

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