Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What time does the rooster crow?

Molly still sleeps in our room because she wakes a few times at night. If we were to move her to Henry's room, she might wake him and then I have two small children up at night. So in our room she stays.

She is at her absolute peak of happiness in the morning. Unfortunately for her that means 6am. I wake every morning to what sounds like a crow making their "caw caw" sound but is really my little angel. It is not a quiet noise, she makes it at the top of her lungs. She couples it with rolling back and forth, kicking until one of us wakes up. This weekend, she added yanking on my ponytail repeatedly. She mixes it up by digging her little baby razor nails into your flesh.

At first you are startled by the noise, having blocked it out of your memory from the day before. But after you wrench open your eyes to the harsh daylight, you are greeted with the most beautiful, happy smile you can imagine. It is impossible to ignore her after that!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Vanessa! So glad to log on and catch up with your blog. Love, love, love it! So many funny Henry-isms...my fave, the goat cheese. He is a great eater. I'll never forget the way he palmed that piece of cake at my last visit. Molly looks like a little doll. I can't wait to see both of them! xo