Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Happy Half Birthday Molly!

Wow, Molly turned six months old today! Shocking, isn't it?
She is such a wonderful little baby; she is so happy and literally never cries. Everyone we know comments on how sweet she is. She is quick with a smile, lets all of Henry's friends hold her without complaint. When she is tired she stuffs her chubby little thumb into her mouth to let us know, we lay her down on her side and she puts herself to sleep.
She popped two bottom teeth recently, ending her teething drama. Even through that she rarely complained. She is content being schlepped too and fro, as long as she is being carried. She lets out a mighty protest as the indignity of riding in the stroller. My favorite times of day with her are when she first wakes in the morning and when Henry is taking his nap. We lay in my bed facing each other and she talks in her little baby language, blows raspberries at me and lets me squeeze her and smother her with kisses to my heart's content.

We had a great day today celebrating her six month milestone. Henry and I baked her a cake yesterday which I decorated last night. We bought her two balloons (a cupcake and Elmo balloon, picked specially for her by her brother) and invited two of Henry's friends over for a little party. One of Henry's friends has a baby brother so that counted as Molly's guest. We all made paper hats and had a fun time singing to Molly and eating cake. She was a little alarmed by all of the festivities but gamely grabbed the cake like the party girl she is.
We love you Molly!


Anonymous said...

Wish we could have been there to celebrate! Love the cake! Happy half birthday Molly! xo


Anonymous said...

Is that Miss Piggy?