Sunday, July 12, 2009

Henry Funnies

I wish I remembered to write down all of the funny stuff Henry says on an average day. Here are some recent ones:

He doesn't really like to give hugs and kisses anymore, it is so sad. If we force him, he gets all goofy and tries to lick us. We must have said we want a kiss, we don't want you to lick us or used the word tongue a lot because now he tells us he wants to "tongue kiss." Can you believe that?

We were at the park recently and Henry didn't have his swim shirt on in the sprinkler area. His little friend reached over and goosed his nipple. When we got home I said "Henry, it was not right that Yuxin pinched your nipple." He looked at me and said "Henry needs to wear a shirt!" Pretty funny.

He now knows all about calling my bluff. I recently told him that if he didn't take his nap his friend Gus could not come over for dinner. He said "OK, you need to call Gus's mommy." to let her know that we were cancelling.

We were in the park recently and Henry was riding in the stroller. I heard Henry pipe up "Mommy you need to say hi to that lady." It was another mother pushing a stroller towards us. Apparently I am a little chatty on our rounds

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