Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Please Excuse My Monkey

I have made lots of great friends since having Henry. I have always worked with men, so hanging out all day with mostly women is a big change for me. All of the women I have met are smart, great moms and a lot of fun to be around. They have all been successful in their own right before hopping off the career track to stay home with their kids. I certainly could not stay home all day with small children if it were not for their company.

However, the addition of tiny, ill-mannered tyrants adds certain etiquette dilemmas. You can be having a perfectly nice conversation that is interrupted by the fact that their child is swinging a golf club at your son's head. Or, your child is spilling fruit juice on their couch. Sitting at dinner and someone hurls a tiny shoe at the waiter. At a playdate, your child has not napped and is acting like John McEnroe? How do you get past this? Pretend it isn't happening? Look the other way? It really is quite amusing and certainly not in Emily Post.

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