Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What's new with Henry and Molly?

  • Henry is quite dramatic and funny. I was helping him in the bathroom recently pull up his underwear. He said to me "Ouch Mommy, you twisted my penis like a pretzel!"
  • He gives long explanations. He always ends it by saying "This is how you do it."
  • He has been trying to teach Molly how to walk. She is a bit of a reluctant student, I think he is a bit exasperated by her. He holds onto the coffee table and says "Mommy, tell Molly to watch me let go." Remember, I am his translator to Molly. And then he walks off. "See Molly? This is how you do it."
  • He has started saying "Oh Dammit!" when he drops something. Since I can't control my laughing, he now says it with a very growling voice. "Ohhhhhh Daammmmmmmmitt." I have tried my best to ignore it and tell him it isn't a nice word. We now have the agreement that although it is very funny, he can't say it around his friends. Quite the role model aren't I?
  • Molly has started trying to bite Henry to ward off his advances. All I can say is that it has been a long time coming!
  • I have had to rescue Molly twice in the past week as she tries to swim underwater in the bathtub. She sputters and chokes and then is furious that I won't put her back in the water. We have a crazy little lady on our hands we think.
  • Molly has a few new tricks at the table. She likes to chew something a few times and then just let it drop out of her mouth. Or, I catch her sitting in her high chair deliberately dropping things on the floor. I guess this is her version of feeding things she doesn't like to the dog.
  • When Molly is done or just bored, she likes to start swinging her arms wildly, sending all of her food flying. She then bangs and hurls her cup for dramatic measure. She also likes to spit out whatever liquid she is drinking, just for fun.
  • Molly now officially cruises the furniture. She has been pulling up and standing for a while, but now she moves her tiny little feet. Over the past few days she has gotten very brave and moves from object to object.
  • Unlike Henry at this age (and still) she plays very well by herself. She crawls from room to room and entertains herself. Sometimes I have to go looking for her. She takes any opportunity to race to the bathroom and pull the toilet paper.
  • Today, Henry burst out with a short cry during his nap. I didn't get up because he stopped right away. Molly disappeared for a minute so I went to check on her. She had crawled to their room and pushed open the door. I think she was checking on him! My own little Lassie.
  • I came into the living room recently and Molly was standing at the table with Henry's peanut butter and jelly sandwich in her hands, munching away happily. I guess she was hungry and I guess she is not allergic to peanuts. I kid, she had already had a peanut that Henry fed her about 6 months ago.
  • I swear that I have heard her say "Hi Dad." I know that isn't that reliable, since I am a born exaggerator (the apple doesn't fall far) but Adam heard it as well.

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Anonymous said...

Let me tell you it was a very smart apple tree.
Guess who