Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Dynamic Duo

Henry is always doing things that I tell him not to. He is not naughty, just fairly mischievous. Today I caught Molly chewing a piece of gum that he gave her. She of course refused to give it back without a fight.

She spilled milk on he floor today and he insisted on smearing it around with his bare foot. After landing in time-out, he explained that he "was just trying to help. He thought it would work. He thought he had a paper towel on his foot."

Molly has a little friend named Finn. Every time he sees her, he gets a huge grin on his face. He says "Hiiiiii" and goes in for a hug. She has now started sticking her arm straight out to ward off the oncoming hug. She is a tough one!

At school this morning, the mom in charge was reading the kids a few books. After the first couple of pages Henry tuned out and started to play with Molly. At the end of the book she said "Who wants to hear another story?" Henry piped up in his best chipper voice "Me!" It was hilarious to see him working her like a little politician.

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