Friday, February 19, 2010

How about some actual toys?

Henry has never been one to play with toys in a conventional manner when and if he is playing with them. He much prefers to find things around the house. Here is a recent sampling:

  • His number one favorite is a roll of twine I keep in the hall closet. Recently he had it tied to the kitchen cabinet and was sending things down like they were on a zip line. Down went the dust pan, spatula and other house hold objects. He then was opening and closing the door using the twine and telling us it was "Magic!"
  • Yesterday he started pulling the twine while it was still in the shelf and before I knew it he had wound it through the foyer, living room, wrapped around the coffee table a few times, through the dining room and then across the kitchen. He then proceeded to yank on it and give me a heart attack when his sled fell down with a huge crash.
  • Today he stuffed about ten envelopes with letters that he had written. Henry's version of a letter is some sort of bold one stroke coloring job which he then folds in a very angry looking manner and stuffs into an envelope. We mailed two of them to Grandpa Joe but he was quite peeved when I wouldn't let him mail the rest. He was in tears when I told him that the mailman would not know what to do with eight more letters written to Henry Schnell with no address or stamp.
  • This morning I came out to find him watching TV with all of his beanie baby "friends" stuffed into an amazon box covered with a receiving blanket. They were all sleeping. Although he does get mad that they won't shut their eyes.
  • He had an empty printer cartridge box that he had jammed between the jaws of his scizzors. Every time it flew out he would yell "Henry wins!" for some odd reason.
  • I can't recall why, but he was walking around with two dixie cups on his head like a hat.
  • He was precariously balancing on four huge couch cushions recently while Adam was holding him with just one finger. I think that was supposed to be a "tall building."
  • He loves to come out of his tent with all of his clothing on incorrectly when I send him to get dressed. There are at least three or four different configurations before he will dress properly.
  • We were doing an experiment mixing vinegar and baking soda in a glass. When I had finally run out of vinegar I left him with a bottle of water because he wanted to keep playing. When I turned my back, he added the remainder of Molly's blueberries to his glass to make blueberry pie.

These are just a very small sampling. Our house is constantly littered with Henry's different experiments.

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