Friday, February 19, 2010

School Yard Rules

As Molly gets older, it is fascinating to see the inter-play between her and Henry. In the beginning, she was at his mercy. Unless I intervened, he took her toys, told her what to play with and ignored or paid attention to her based on his own agenda.

Now that she is fully mobile, she is quite the fiesty little one. She now knows which toys are his favorites and the minute he turns his back she strikes. She holds her own when he roughhouses in the tent they share. She doesn't play with any baby toys at all. Once she puts on a few pounds I think they will be an equal match.

It was funny watching them in the bathtub tonight. We have a set group of tub toys. The stacking cups, the foam letters, the fish, the boat, the temperature duck and bucket. The grand daddy of all the toys are two foam characters from Spongebob (Spongebob and Patrick).

Since Henry is the Big Man in the Tub, it is the unspoken rule that he rules the bucket and the Spongebob characters. Tonight, Molly had enough and decided to make her stand. Literally. She stood next to him and screamed right at him, pointing furiously at Spongebob. I told him he had to give one up so he (unwillingly) handed her Patrick. Not enough for little Norma Rae. She wanted Spongebob as well . She screamed and screamed until I begged him to cave. He handed off Spongebob, she sat right down and went on with her bath.

The Lady Has Spoken.

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